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Cedar Ridge Work

These designs were either made for Cedar Ridge High School, for clubs, or for our clients in the graphic design class. These show my progression through high school and how I have improved along the way.

Cedar Ridge Prom Ticket & Shirt

This was actually an assignment in my Art/Media class. The students counsel came to us with concepts and information. I first created the tickets on the left, but then they wanted to combine them together to create the ticket that is second from the right. In addition to the tickets, they asked to make a shirt design that we can sell at lunch for the days leading up to prom.

Wish Upon a star 2.PNG
wish upon a star 2.4.jpg
Wish Prom Front.jpg

Cedar Ridge eSports

These are a few logo concepts that I put together for Cedar Ridge's eSports team. I wanted to play with where the text was gonna go and how I could make it stand out. I added outlines and shaded the word 'RAIDERS' to make it pop out a little bit more. In the end, I picked the middle picture.

eSports Logos-01.jpg
eSports Logos-02.jpg
eSports Logos-03.jpg

Third Eyed Tiger

The Third Eyed Tiger project was made for the 2020 FBLA competition. I partnered with Dakotah Noriega.

Front Shirt.jpg
Back Shirt.jpg

Caliber Tracking

I created this for a company that approached us looking for a logo to represent their company with what they do. The two dogs in the logo represent the actual dogs that they use in their company.


Sprachfest & State 2019

Every year there is Sprachfest, which is the regional competition for students who are taking German as their foreign language. In 2019 I made multiple logos for one of the events, I ended up picking the one on the top right and made it to 5th place which launched me to the state level. The very bottom logo included some revisions that the judges gave me. I ended up placing 6th in state for it.

Sprachfest Logos-02.jpg
Sprachfest Logos-06.jpg
Sprachfest Logos-09.jpg
Sprachfest Logos-03.jpg
German state contest.jpg

Sprachfest & State 2020

I came back to sprachfest for my senior year and created the logo on the left. I placed 4th for it and went onto state. In state I placed 1st and so the logo will get to be featured on the website for next year and to be printed on merchandise and the medals.

German Logo.jpg
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